Stage 6 evaluate


Now that you’ve built a roadmap with clear actions and responsibilities to help you on your first steps towards your circular vision, you need to evaluate how ready your organization is to start implementing your newly developed circular business model. Your aim is to evaluate your current conditions and how they will foster or hinder this transition. Have you got the right people? Do you have clarity of all the necessary contributing factors? Ensure that you have everything in place, tried and tested, before committing to the implementation stage of your journey.

6.1 Implementation Readiness

It’s important to know that each stage of your circular innovation journey has been thoroughly explored and your envisioned (CE) business model was validated before moving out to market with this new business model. The easiest way to review whether you’re ‘implementation ready’ is to ask yourself a series of questions – each one relating to your confidence in the outcomes expected at each stage of the journey.


Transition Readiness Self Assessment

Presented with the multiple choice of ‘YES’, ‘NO’ and ‘N.M.A’ (Needs More Attention), this assessment tool allows you to identify gaps in the process that need to be revisited before you can confidently implement your newly developed circular business model.

Step 1

Answer the multiple-choice questions based on your confidence of clarity at each stage of the process.

Step 2

Once complete review your answers to identify what parts of the process need to be revisited and iterated. Any question answered with ‘NO’ or ‘N.M.A’ will be your focal point.


Clarity on what areas within your innovation journey still need further attention to ensure that your CE business model is fully validated before entering the market.

6.2 Go / No Go

Depending on the results of your implementation readiness scale, it’s time to make a decision: Are you ready to implement?! Or do you need to iterate some of the previous steps before implementing your new circular business model?


Ideally, you want a ‘YES’ to each of the questions in the Readiness Self Assessment: Section 6.1. The answers ‘NO’ or ‘N.M.A,’ indicate that you still need to revisit particular stages of this CE toolkit to address the identified gaps. Any stage in which you have identified these gaps will need to be iterated until you can confidently answer ‘YES.’

Step 1

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Step 2


Step 3



Confidence in a fully validated innovation journey and new circular business model to move forward with implementation to market.

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